Order Picking Methods Impact Warehouse Productivity

The team at ProCat Distribution Technologies are experts in order picking. They have over 150 years of experience working with distribution centers to maximize performance. In 2008, ProCat created and introduced the PickRight solution, which improves order picking accuracy and productivity and allows distribution centers to implement paperless picking. PickRight [..] Read More

Introducing the New Warehouse State

While New Jersey is typically known as the Garden State, it’s time to make way for a second nickname: the Warehouse State. Over the past few years, New Jersey has become the hub of warehouse delivery. People can purchase almost anything online and expect their package to arrive at their door in as little as a few days, so it is not surprising that New Jersey is becoming the warehouse hub. Also, the state is within a day’s drive of about 40 percent of the entire U.S. population. [..] Read More

7 Ways to Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency With Technology

All distribution centers have the same goals: minimize picking errors, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Companies have different processes to ensure this, and some methods are more efficient and effective than others. [..] Read More