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While New Jersey is typically known as the Garden State, it’s time to make way for a second nickname: the Warehouse State. Over the past few years, New Jersey has become the hub of warehouse delivery.

People can purchase almost anything online and expect their package to arrive at their door in as little as a few days, so it is not surprising that New Jersey is becoming the warehouse hub. Also, the state is within a day’s drive of about 40 percent of the entire U.S. population.

The Online Ordering Frenzy
This results in the need for more warehouses, more employees, and better technology. More people are buying the things they need from websites, so companies need to keep up with customer demands.

Keeping Up With the New Jerseyans
With the increase of orders coming in, it’s relatively easy to mix something up or lose track of items in the process. Therefore, warehouses are required to step their game up — which they’ve certainly been doing in New Jersey.

As New Jersey becomes the Warehouse State, warehouses have needed to bump up their staff. In the past two years alone, the industry has increased the state’s employment rates by 11%. In addition to needing more people, warehouses also require top-notch technology to keep customers happy — and that’s where ProCat Distribution Technologies comes in.

ProCat’s Role
As a New Jersey company that is dedicated to increasing accuracy and productivity for warehouses, we’re thrilled to see how far the industry has come in the past few years. So, now more than ever, we deliver products to help make the distribution process run smoothly.

Our warehouse scanning technology allows employees to keep track of every item that enters and leaves the distribution center. And as business is booming, these tools are extremely useful. Our suite of products complements every step of the process to ultimately keep online customers happy.

If you’re interested in what our integrated warehouse solutions can do for your distribution center, contact us today by calling 866-776-2285. As we get our technology into more places, we can continue helping New Jersey fully grow into the Warehouse State.