Join ProCat to learn about exciting new tools to enhance the capabilities of PickRight:

  1. Picker Assignments – Ability to assign pickers to a specific customer or UOW, both one time and permanently
  2. Pick Sequence – Allows you to sequence your trucks so they display in dispatch sequence on the wrist computer
  3. Continuous Pick Areas – Minimize picker walking time by allowing pickers to start a new UOW from where the last order ended instead of starting at the beginning of the pick line each time
  4. Picker Activities – Ability to track non-picking activities
  5. Inventory Allocation – Allows you to manage the inventory allocation process.  If we get orders for 100, but you only have 50, you can decide who gets product and who does not
  6. Picker and Stamper Status – Displays real-time line item activity for orders that a picker or stamper is currently processing