Eliminate Picking Errors: Order Picking Technologies for Increasing Accuracy & Productivity

In a tight labor market with high industry turnover, distributors who rely on warehouse staff to fulfill orders need reliable, accurate picking technology.  The right picking technology will help increase picking speed and reduce the amount of labor needed for each pick shift.  And considering the picking process accounts for an average of 55% of operational costs in distribution centers, an inefficient system can make the difference between turning a profit – or not.

ProCat Distribution Technologies will compare the pros and cons of different picking technologies including paper picking, RF Handheld, Voice picking, and Scan picking.  The presentation will also cover features which foodservice distributors should consider when evaluating technology including catch weight, lot number capture, temperature capture, expiration date testing, product recall abilities, and GS1 barcode capabilities.

If you are interested in upgrading your picking operation but aren’t sure where to start or want to learn about the newest trends in picking technology, don’t miss this Innovation Lab with ProCat Distribution Technologies.

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