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In the south end of Church Point, Louisiana, there is a wholesaler who has been in operation since the early 1900s. While it began as a small retail store, it slowly expanded as the town grew. Today, Church Point Wholesale is the largest employer in the town, and has grown to become one of the premier wholesaler companies in the south, shipping their products to over 1,000 retailers throughout the area.

Even though they’ve experienced exponential growth and success over the more than a century they’ve been in business, Church Point Wholesale noticed that their picking and shipping accuracy and productivity could use a boost. So they reached out to Procat Distribution Technologies, the warehouse picking technology experts, to get some assistance.

The PickRight Solution

Procat Distribution Technologies recommended that Church Point Wholesale take advantage of their PickRight system to enhance their day-to-day operations. PickRight is a hands-free, order picking solution that represents industry-changing innovation. The software offers convenience and ease of use for pickers while helping distribution centers operate more efficiently and economically. Typical return on investment is less than 12 months.

Increasing Accuracy and Reducing Errors

The PickRight order picking solution uses a universal interface that easily linked with Church Point Wholesale’s existing system, as it does with most systems. PickRight software delivers an accuracy rate of 99.9% and can reduce the need for order checking, which is a burden on cost, time, and productivity.

How It Works

The PickRight system takes advantage of Zebra Technologies’ wearable computer, which is comfortably worn on the arm of a picker. The scanning is done with the press of a button on a ring scanner. As each item is picked and scanned, it is  verified by PickRight. A correct pick gets a pleasant chime tone, while an incorrect pick gets a buzzing sound, alerting the picker that an error has been made. This allows them to quickly correct their mistake, saving time further down the shipping process.

Easy To Use

The PickRight system is so intuitive and easy to use that 40 pickers at Church Point Wholesale were fully trained to use the system in a month. In fact, according to Warehouse Manager Jonathan Bourque, employees were already picking on their own within an hour or two. It’s that simple!

Other features of PickRight that Church Point Wholesale has been able to take advantage of include:

  • Real-Time reporting
  • Expiration date validation
  • Lot number capture
  • Product temperature capture
  • Random weight capture

With features like this, PickRight is ideal for foodservice distribution companies.

When it comes to reducing errors and saving money, PickRight is an industry-leading picking solution. It can increase distribution center productivity by 25%, helping to add bottom line savings every day.

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