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PickRight software system

Hands-Free Warehouse Order Picking Software

If you manage a warehouse, you understand how important accuracy and productivity are to a successful operation. Each process has to be done correctly in order for orders to successfully be delivered to customers. To eliminate incorrect orders and reduce customer claims while improving the efficiency of operations, it’s important to implement quality warehouse picking technology.

At ProCat, we develop warehouse scanning technology to enhance the picking process along with many others that take place in distribution centers. PickRight, software that utilizes order picking technology, has been specifically designed to drive increases in picker productivity while ensuring nearly perfect accuracy.

As a result, distribution centers can have confidence that their pickers are picking perfect orders with maximum efficiency. With this distribution picking software, pickers can be certain that they are fulfilling an order with the right products every time. This way, they will not have to double check or run the risk of loading an incorrect or incomplete order on a truck. Picking is a vital part of a distribution operation, so it’s vital for warehouse order picking to be done correctly with software that makes it simple and quick.

Order Picking with PickRight
Increases Accuracy

PickRight ensures the accuracy of every pick. This case picking system eliminates the need for order checking and reduces customer returns, which can both become costly and time-consuming activities for most warehouses. Double checking can take away valuable time from fulfilling complete orders. With this method of warehouse picking management, you can simply scan an item or package to be certain that it is ready to be picked and loaded onto a truck.

Achieve 99.9% accuracy with our hands-free warehouse pick system. This case picking system software solution utilizes wrist-worn technology to make verification of orders simple and stress-free for pickers and warehouse managers alike.


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Warehouse Order Picking Improves Productivity

PickRight’s warehouse picking technology replaces paper pick tickets. Customers report up to a 50% improvement in the productivity of their pickers and the accuracy of their orders. Real-time feedback on picker performance drives productivity even higher and allows warehouse managers to get an accurate report on how their staff and method of warehouse order picking is performing.

Warehouse Picking Management starts with Real-Time Reporting

The PickRight distribution picking software gives real-time visibility into employee performance along with a host of additional information. Product out-of-stocks, estimated shift completion times, areas slipping behind schedule, and truck completion status by pick area are all displayed on a dashboard for managers. PickRight’s warehouse picking technology makes it easy to manage your picking operation and keep track of what is being done well and what areas need improvement.

Warehouse Pick System Produces Amazing ROI

Many of our customers have realized over $1 million in savings that is directly attributable to PickRight’s order picking technology. They have also seen benefits from the rest of our suite of products, which offer warehouse management technology, inventory management services, and receiving software solutions.

If you’re interested in learning about the savings you can receive in five years or the ROI your company could get by implementing PickRight’s warehouse picking technology, contact ProCat today at 866-776-2285 for an ROI analysis.