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Managing a distribution center requires accuracy, quality, and productivity when making order selections and picking products. Whether you’re in the convenience, food, beverage, or tobacco industry, it is likely that you have customers with ever-increasing demands.

In order to fulfill orders and track products, you need a trustworthy picking system. With  PickRight scanning from ProCat, you’ll receive a hands-free system that is both rugged and affordable. Its visual display provides quick visual information and a rich feature set that is unavailable in traditional voice systems.

Here are some qualities that make PickRight stand out from other picking technologies:

Item Color Coding

This hands-free system offers color-coding by item, which means that you will be able to highlight custom items and enhance the visual display for rapid response.

Keeps Operators on Target

The on-screen picker productivity of PickRight allows you to receive immediate feedback to keep your operators on target with expected rates.


You are able to substitute items and customize individual order requirements.


The scanning technology of PickRight provides 100% picking accuracy and eliminates the checking process and costly returns.

Collects Complete Information

The scanning process collects all information pertaining to every selection you make. This provides feedback and reporting capabilities that will maximize management of the pick shift, provide in-depth reporting, and track each item and order.


The ability to interface with your existing OS along with the scanning technology makes PickRight extremely cost-effective for your distribution center.

Unparalleled Features

PickRight can be combined with wireless printing for on-demand label printing, offering features that cannot be found in traditional voice systems, including:

  • Out-of-stock codes
  • Substitute items
  • UPC data capture
  • Label customization
  • Retail price labels print option
  • Kitting
  • Catch weight supported with min./max. controls

Reporting Tools

PickRight has a line of reporting tools including shift management. This allows you to complete your picking shift’s requirements on time.

Peer Benchmarking

Peer Benchmarking is an anonymous charting of peer productivity used to help you see how your selection process compares to others in the industry. This allows you to better focus your efforts and maximize improvements within your company.

All of the unique features that come with the PickRight scanning system allow your distribution company to run smoothly. All orders will be picked and placed on time, accurately, and efficiently. This hands-free system will allow you to focus strictly on the distribution of your products.

Have questions? We’re happy to answer them! Contact ProCat online today or give us a call at 866-776-2285.