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Warehouse Management System Software

warehouse distribution technology

Distribution centers are the backbone of multiple industries. They control the management and delivery of products that companies need to stay in business; they are relied upon to deliver the correct amount of products quickly and effectively. Since there are so many steps that go into receiving, picking, and shipping items, the process can become particularly difficult if it is done manually. Therefore, distribution centers need innovative warehouse management system software solutions that they can rely on to accurately manage their inventory and orders.

Here at ProCat, we offer warehouse management system software and distribution technology to increase accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce customer claims. We utilize automated hands-free wrist-worn computers that allow you to easily keep track of inventory and processes such as receiving, picking, loading, and shipping. Our integrated warehouse management solutions are all carefully designed to benefit those who work in distribution centers and need an effective way to keep track of all of their products.

ProCat is a ZEBRA Technologies Partner Empowered Solution Provider. Our distribution solutions work seamlessly with Zebra products to offer industrial grade non-proprietary hardware that is proven to work in distribution environments.

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Warehouse Management Distribution Solutions

At ProCat, we have developed warehouse management system software that is guaranteed to improve efficiency and productivity in your distribution center. We offer solutions in the following areas of the distribution process:

  • Receiving
    • ReceiveRight confirms the accuracy of inventory, provides label printing, and develops a Purchase Order Summary. This way, you can keep track of every item entering your warehouse.
  • Picking
  • Loading
    • LoadRight allows you to re-confirm that all packages are loaded on the correct truck and in delivery stop order, making it efficient for the driver to deliver the packages.
  • Shipping
    • ShipRight is designed for delivery drivers. It provides them with a route list of all daily customers and scans barcodes on all packages to prevent errors and ensure perfect deliveries.
  • Cycle Counting
    • CountRight is cycle counting software that confirms inventory count to ensure that everything is counted correctly.
  • Return Management
    • ReturnRight verifies that all returns are made properly, and that inventory is put back in order. It verifies all return and put-away processes.
  • Weight Management/GS1 Barcoding
    • WeighRight enables you to weigh product and create GS1 barcode labels.

In addition to all of our picking, shipping, and receiving software solutions, we offer traceability software to give you instant visibility and control of at-risk products. With this system, called Track and Trace, you will be able to trace the whereabouts of all product in the distribution center and supply chain in real time. This way, you can instantly respond and report if anything is going wrong. Track and Trace Solutions include receiving, cycle counting, inventory management, and picking.

We offer warehouse distribution technology that can keep your distribution center running smoothly and serving your customers effectively.

You will no longer have to worry about messy paperwork, miscommunication, or tedious manual processes. With ProCat’s warehouse management system software, all of it is literally right at your fingertips. We are committed to offering modern, top-of-the-line software at affordable prices. We increase accuracy and productivity in warehouses that is guaranteed to keep all items on-track and ensure that all of your customers are happy with your quick, efficient, and accurate service.