Food Distributor Improves Order Picking Accuracy to Nearly 100%

Best Mexican
“I was looking for an order picking solution that would increase customer satisfaction, minimize re-deliveries, and lower the costs associated with these accuracy issues.” Dan Barbone, President of Best Mexican Foods

Best Mexican Foods, a food distribution company serving New York and the surrounding area, was in need of an order picking solution for their distribution center that would improve order accuracy. Dan Barbone, President of Best Mexican Foods, was looking for a system that would increase customer satisfaction, minimize re-deliveries, and lower costs of operations. Best Mexican Foods knew there were several options for picking solutions, including RF guns, voice picking, and hands-free barcode scanning solutions, such as PickRight.

Voice-Pick versus RF Guns versus PickRight Scanners

Barbone knew that voice picking had several potential points of failure including potentially mis-slotted inventory, staff who memorize check digits, long training times, and lack of reporting tools. RF guns were also not an ideal
solution because they are subject to human error and devices can be misplaced or damaged when order pickers set them down to pick product.

After reviewing several solutions, Barbone selected PickRight as the picking solution for Best Mexican Foods. PickRight is a hands-free barcode scanning solution that enables faster picking while ensuring accuracy.

Best Mexican Foods understood that barcode scanning offers the highest accuracy. PickRight’s barcode scanning solution provides a positive ding when products are scanned correctly and halts the order picker from continuing if a wrong item is scanned. This provides for nearly 100% order accuracy.

The PickRight solution is a great match for food service distributors.

Features include:

  • Lot number tracking
  • Expiration date tracking
  • GS1 barcode extraction
  • Catch weight
  • Temperature capture
  • Additional features to ensure FSMA compliance

How PickRight Improved Distribution Center Accuracy

Since Best Mexican Foods installed PickRight in the spring of 2015, their distribution operations have greatly improved. Best Mexican Foods immediately saw their order accuracy increase, customer
complaints reduce, re-deliveries decline, and they removed order checkers from the picking process.

ProCat’s robust reporting and analytics suite gave them unprecedented access to data that allowed them to better manage the pick shift. Data helped them identify the best and slowest pickers, estimated time of shift completion, completed trucks status, and employees’ productivity.

Best Mexicans Foods’ ability to track and trace their products was enhanced using PickRight. If a recall were to be issued, Best Mexican Foods will know which customer orders contain recalled products and they can be traced to an end user.

Benefits After Installing PickRight

ProCat exceeded Barbone’s expectations and supported the operations of Best Mexican Foods to help their company as they grow.

  • Return on Investment (ROI) with PickRight in less than 1 year after implementation.
  • New employee training made easy with PickRight’s onscreen prompting and multi-lingual functionality.
  • Picking accuracy immediately improved, which reduced customer claims, creating happier customers in the process.
  • PickRight’s reporting tools give management deeper insight in to its operational performance.