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In the distribution industry, practices are constantly evolving to keep up with the needs and demands of consumers. Warehouses are expected to efficiently deliver the correct products to every customer on a truck route. But with all of the products constantly coming in and going out of warehouses, it can be difficult to keep up with it all. That’s why new solutions are being developed to make the job easier for warehouse employees and reduce customer claims.

For all products to be shipped correctly, operations have to flow smoothly within distribution centers. When completing an operation, warehouses have to deal with the following concerns:

  •  Accuracy
    • All orders have to be picked accurately to ensure that customers are getting what they asked for. If the incorrect products or quantity are selected, an entire operation could go downhill.
  • Productivity
    • Pickers need to be able to pick more items in a shorter amount of time to keep operations moving along quickly. The pick rate of each order determines productivity. If productivity isn’t where it should be, operations can fall behind.

While accuracy and productivity are vital for operations, it can be difficult to guarantee them. At ProCat Distribution Technologies, we have developed solutions and software to ensure accuracy and productivity in your warehouse.

After less than 12 months with our PickRight solution, you’ll see a complete ROI (return on investment) and a 20-30% increase in productivity in your distribution center. When it comes to picking, specifically, our solutions can increase order fulfillment by 22%.

Here’s how we do it:

Innovative Technology

Our suite of products utilizes industry-leading technology to keep track of all distribution processes. Our software assists warehouses with weighing, receiving, stocking, picking, loading, and shipping products.

All of our applications can be accessed through a wrist-worn device with a touchscreen. By simply scanning items with a barcode that our software creates, you will have access to a wealth of information about every product and order.

This means that warehouse employees will no longer have to double-check or re-count items. Our technology does it all for you, ensuring that customers get the right order every time.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Since all of our solutions are available on one device, it is much more cost effective than some other types of technology on the market. You will have access to solutions for every distribution process. This way, you’ll be able to save money and earn money quicker.

Electronic Recording and Reporting

There is no longer a need for messy and complicated paperwork. If you need information about an order, you can scan the code and have access to everything. Losing important paperwork can be costly; but with our solutions, you can avoid using it altogether.

Scan picking technology, along with our other solutions, will guarantee ROI for your distribution center. We will also help you understand and calculate it easily. Keep track of operations at your distribution center and see an increase in ROI in just 12 months with solutions from ProCat Distribution Technologies!

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