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ReturnRight software system for warehouse

Product Returns Management and Put-Away Software

When a customer returns products, and they’re shipped back to the warehouse, it’s important to get them processed and redistributed based on their condition as soon as possible. Prompt processing and automated disposition are essential, especially if an item is damaged or resalable.

ProCat Distribution Technologies’ ReturnRight technology manages customer returns by utilizing scanning technology. This technology identifies the item, customer, and order.

Processing Returns

As returns are being received, they are scanned into ReturnRight and are identified as one of the following categories:

  • Expected returns
  • Unexpected returns
  • Driver returns
  • Warehouse damages

The product is then placed in a staging area depending on its category.

Putting Away Returns

Depending on the category, the operator is then prompted as to whether the returned item is saleable or not and whether the item should be returned to stock, sent to reclamation, or sent to the returns room. Then, the operator is instructed as to where the product should go in the warehouse.

ReturnRight prompts the operator throughout each step of the process to provide complete control and reporting over returns. This technology maintains a perpetual inventory of returns by vendors and allows for instructions to be customized by vendor or item.

To find out more about our technology and how ReturnRight can help automate and simplify your return process, contact us today by calling 866-776-2285.