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Customers have high expectations when it comes to receiving goods from businesses. They often seek out quick turnaround, low prices and superior customer service. In many ways, achieving these customer demands is obtainable with a streamlined picking technology. When warehouse management becomes overwhelming, a warehouse order picking software solution can help a business get back on track and stay competitive with other companies.

In this article, we explain how a warehouse order picking solution can help a company, and what to look for when selecting a warehouse order picking solution for your business.

How Does Warehouse Order Picking Software Assist Businesses?

Warehouse Order Picking Solution

Warehouse order picking software helps businesses by keeping the logistics of their warehouse operations organized and running efficiently. By selecting the right order picking solution, companies can group together similar orders using picking strategies such as batch, zone or wave picking to complete orders quickly and correctly.

There are additional indirect benefits that warehouse order picking software can provide for a business. Utilizing such software can help reduce labor costs, reduce the expense of reshipping incorrectly picked orders, and increase employee retention. Since the software ensures that orders are picked accurately, businesses can improve customer service satisfaction.

Characteristics of Effective Warehouse Order Picking Solutions

Warehouse order picking solutions can provide countless benefits to a company. When selecting which software to use in your business, there are several characteristics or capabilities that you’ll want to look for, including the following:

  • Accuracy – It’s not uncommon for human error to occur in a warehouse. Picking technologies ensure that these human errors are greatly reduced or eliminated. Barcode scanning is the most accurate order picking solution used in warehouses today because it requires you to scan a product to confirm the pick.
  • Productivity – You want to select a solution that minimizes the disruption to your current process. Finding a solution that easily allows you to transition from your current operation will keep your productivity high. Selecting a warehouse order picking software that can provide immediate pick rate feedback will help with employee retention.
  • Hardware Capabilities – There are several picking technologies available, including hand held RF Guns and hands free wrist worn computers. Selecting the right technology and hardware combination is key to maximizing productivity.
  • Industry Knowledge and Capability – Make sure the technology company you select has experience in your industry. Every industry has its own requirements and the order picking solution must meet those needs.
  • ERP Capabilities – Picking technologies can range from requiring the replacement of your existing ERP to being a bolt on solution. You need to be aware that not all solutions require you to replace your existing ERP.
  • Pricing – When pricing out picking technologies, be aware of potential hidden costs such as time and travel, upgrades and help desk charges. Some technology companies include these services as part of an annual license fee and others charge them per diem. Be aware of all the costs up front when comparing warehouse order picking software.
  • Reporting Capabilities – In order to best manage your warehouse, real-time reporting and analytics can give you an in-depth view of your operations. For example, by having insight into the status of your orders and trucks you can easily reallocate pickers to areas that need more assistance.

ProCat Distribution Technologies order picking solution has all the necessary features to improve your warehouse efficiency and accuracy.  PickRight, ProCat’s warehouse order picking software coupled with the hands-free barcode scanning hardware improves productivity.  See the order picking solution in action through ProCat case study results.  To learn more about implementing a warehouse order picking software, contact ProCat or schedule a demo today!

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