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Warehouses and distribution centers are seeing increased demand from consumers. Handling order picking, maintaining inventory counts, and identifying any discrepancies during transportation are but just a handful of responsibilities these companies have to deal with. Finding a way to increase productivity and efficiency has become a bigger priority than ever before.

The time for modernization across the board is now.

ProCat services and technologies can help decision-makers in this transition period, as industries see a change from traditional practices to a more modernized way to operate. Partnering with Zebra to offer the right tools and services, the results can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

4 Concerns ProCat Can Help to Alleviate

So what exactly are some of the concerns decision-makers have with modernization?

Companies may bring up a variety of concerns that are based on things such as the industry they each operate in. However, there are four specific problems the vast majority are worried about. Here is how ProCat can help to solve these problems:

  1. It’s too complicated – ProCat isn’t looking to make this process a challenge. We work to simplify the modernization process by meeting with potential customers beforehand to outline goals, objectives, and a proper timeline. Our available Android technologies from Zebra provide a user-friendly experience as well. Since these items are similar to that of a smartphone or tablet, it can lead to shorter training periods and a quicker integration overlap.
  2. It takes too much time – Integration can be sped up thanks to Android devices from Zebra. Workers can learn faster during training times as they are familiar with the products on hand. Zebra products, such as wearable devices, also introduce better scanning capabilities. These tools are faster than any traditional data entry process. No longer should your business have to rely on manually inputting everything: ProCat’s technology services can help save time with mobile, easy-to-use RFID and barcode scanning products.
  3. It’s too expensive – Budget restraints and long-term costs are one of the biggest factors in preventing modernization. ProCat services feature multi-purpose Zebra tools that can help to consolidate the total devices your business needs: for example, a mobile computer can serve as both a scanner and a walkie-talkie. With our PickRight software, your business can also automate data sharing to help reduce errors that lead to correctional costs such as incorrect order picking.
  4. It’s not suited for smaller companies – Smaller operations may feel overshadowed by big corporations with modernization. What separates ProCat from other software companies is our commitment to offering only what your business needs. With our fixed solution pricing model, we remove any hidden fees or surprise price spikes. Your company will only buy what it needs to help modernize at a price that won’t break the bank.

The decision to modernize your business doesn’t need to be complicated. Experience the ProCat difference and discover how our solutions can help your company. Contact ProCat to start the conversation today.

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