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Efficiency and accuracy are two important factors of warehouse management and distribution. Without efficiency and accuracy, your business can experience lost profit and wasted resources, and result in poor service to customers. Picking precision is essential to not only remaining competitive among your business rivals, but also to offering your customers the service they expect.

At ProCat Distribution Technologies, we provide our clients with easy-to-use solutions that allow customers to automate their distribution centers. Streamlining your picking processes can lead to an increase in operational efficiency, and add to your bottom line. Let’s examine why increasing picking accuracy is important and how it can benefit your business.

Save Your Business Money

Increases in productivity grows profit. PickRight, a hands-free order picking system, increases productivity by enabling pickers to more efficiently pick orders. Sizable gains can be achieved if companies switch from a paper picking system to an automated hands-free picking process. PickRight allows pickers to batch or zone pick which may save labor hours versus current picking methods.

Since PickRight also increases order picking accuracy, orders no longer need to be checked. By improving picking accuracy, your business can avoid unnecessary errors. Mistakes when picking lead to inaccurate deliveries, create inefficiencies, and add to the overall cost of the distribution process. This includes customer claims, redeliveries, and other issues. By avoiding these errors and increasing picking accuracy, your business can enjoy better viability and longevity in today’s competitive workplace.


Enhance Your Customer Service

Satisfying your customers and their orders is crucial to not only your bottom line, but your company’s reputation as well. One way to stay ahead of the competition, is to provide superior customer service. Distributors are having to carry a wider variety of products to cater to growing consumer demands. The current retail environment places high pressure on quick turnaround. More items and faster turnaround can have the unwanted result of increased errors. Companies that adapt by upgrading to enhanced systems and improved processes to handle these demands appropriately, will be better able to service their customers. Companies utilizing PickRight are able to maintain a strong level of customer satisfaction by efficiently picking accurate orders.

With ProCat distribution picking software, you can enhance both the accuracy and productivity of your operations while streamlining your picking processes. This not only leads to satisfied customers, but it also helps prevent unnecessary loss of your company’s profit and saves time.


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