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Benefits of Real-Time Label Printing

Warehouse order picking is a complex process that can be improved with warehouse order picking software. A key component of this software is the label printing capability. Most warehouse order picking software solutions require that labels be printed before the items are collected from the shelves. As a result, employees are limited in their ability to package items and have less flexibility while they pick products. 

PickRight, ProCat Distribution Technologies’ hands-free warehouse order picking software, addresses label printing with real-time functionality. 


How Preprinted Labels Constrict Employee Productivity

  1. Order selectors initiate the picking process by picking up the preprinted labels from the printer.  They then apply the label to the box and start picking.  
  2. The preprinted label constricts the picker as to what product goes into the box.  
  3. If labels are affixed to the wrong box, product may be shipped to the wrong customer.
  4. Packages may become overweight or exceed space limitations.  
  5. Invoicing becomes difficult if items are out of stock or need to be updated after printing.


Picker with Printer



How Real-Time Label Printing Works

real time order picking

With solutions such as PickRight by ProCat, labels are automatically printed based on certain criteria that comes over with the electronic pick ticket. For example, if an item is flagged as a full case product, labels print every time a case is scanned.  Repack products will print one label per box or tote.

Pickers are empowered to create labels as they need them.  If a package is too full and they need to add more items, they are able to create labels on demand to start a new box. 

All packages receive a unique package identifier which allows PickRight’s reporting system to capture which items are packed within each tote or carton.  This allows for ease of locating items in a shipment. In addition, the labels can be scanned to assist with truck loading and shipment delivery to verify that the right products get to the right customer.  This also allows managers and checkers to scan into a box when auditing and make sure what product is in the case.  

packing list


If product is out of stock, our packing lists will be accurate if orders need to be updated while picking.  Real time label printing is able to adjust to these differences, as opposed to labels that were preprinted.

The real time label printing allows better space consumption in cases because pickers are able to decide when new totes/boxes are needed for an order or if they can squeeze more items in one box and save from using a second box.  Since more items can be packaged, fewer boxes per order are required, and customers may be able to add more routes and orders on a truck.  

Since labels are printed on demand, there is no need for labels to be misplaced or lost in the warehouse when preprinted.  



Top 5 Benefits of Real-Time Label Printing

  1. Minimize time and cost of reprinting lost labels if pickers need to return to the print station.
  2. Ensure packages are labeled correctly with accurately picked items.
  3. Packing Lists are accurate and up to date if any orders change post printing.
  4. Invoices automatically update based on final picked quantities shipped to the customer.
  5. Save money by not need to reprint labels if damaged during pick process

Preprinted labels present many limitations for warehouses. However, with a real-time label printing solution coupled with an effective warehouse order picking software improves the efficiency of the warehouse and helps ensure that customers receive the correct products without delay.  ProCat Distribution Technologies specializes in warehouse order picking software that allows real-time label printing. To learn more about ProCat’s PickRight solution, contact ProCat today or schedule a demo to see the warehouse order picking software in action.

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