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Steve Stomel, CEO of ProCat Distribution Technologies, was one of three leaders in the picking technology industry asked to contribute their thoughts on the latest trends in the October 2019 issue of Food Logistics magazine.

In the article “A New Age for Voice Picking,” Stomel emphasized that relying on voice picking alone was an outdated strategy. The next wave is the use of GS1 barcodes that communicate package-level information, such as lot numbers, weights and expiration dates, for use by both shipping and receiving docks.

ProCat’s solution pairs a hands-free wearable device and voice-directed prompting to create a hybrid system that results in near-100-percent accuracy for both receiving and picking. Called PickRight, the technology is intuitive to use, and most pickers are productive within minutes, Stomel told the magazine. The system delivers immediate product verification to support reporting, traceability and warehouse management. Distributors can use the case-specific information to capture inbound lot numbers and check expiration dates with no additional work from the picking staff.

The solution is scalable from four to 100 order pickers so it can grow as a company grows. The modular architecture means it integrates with all ERP systems and can expand one area at a time within a distribution center. Real-time label printing capabilities eliminate the cost and hassle of preprinted labels.

In the article, Stomel related a few anecdotes of customers who saw a 100-percent ROI in nine to 12 months. On average, PickRight users see a 20-percent increase in productivity and accuracy compared to paper picking. Those using voice picking or RF guns experience a 10-15 percent boost in productivity and accuracy.

For those companies facing a technology upgrade or looking to boost their accuracy and speed, the latest barcode technology is a smart move. Read the full article here.