Perfecting the Pick Path to Drive Warehouse Efficiency

Distribution centers are constantly changing. With new products introduced daily and space at a premium, successful companies must learn to balance the need to meet customer expectations with the need to operate efficiently. To do this, ProCat has identified four concepts that will help companies build efficiency into their operations. Download the PDF for more insights on how to improve your operation. Read More

The Cost of Doing Nothing is Not Nothing

Discussing technological change can often inspire inertia. But every day that distribution centers use outdated or inadequate technology they could be wasting thousands of dollars in lost productivity and increased costs due to avoidable errors and inefficiencies. Additional (but less obvious) costs include the business risks of lost opportunity and reputation. Read More

Closed Loop Scanning Systems Deliver Competitive Advantage

With Closed Loop Scanning, companies have real-time data showing what’s been picked, what’s been loaded, and what’s been delivered to customers, creating a error-proof system that helps improve operational accuracy. Read More

Why Foodservice Distributors Should Invest in Technology

For organizations still running legacy systems and contemplating updated technology, we present ProCat’s Top 4 Reasons Why Foodservice Distributors Should Invest in Technology. Read More

Incentive Planning for Distribution Centers

The pandemic accelerated labor-related issues that distribution centers were already facing, foremost among them driving increased performance from existing staff. Companies are seeking ways to eliminate bias in performance evaluations and instead tie pay and promotions to performance data. All these challenges are driving companies to invest more in employee performance software/systems and build human resources staff, especially in warehousing and industrial settings. Read More

Seven Strategies to Improve Warehouse Operations

Managing a food industry warehouse is not a set-it-and-forget-it operation. Space is finite; new products and sizes proliferate; old ones fall out of favor; stock changes seasonally; and technology improves. Examining infrastructure and reviewing layout and systems should be an ongoing process so you can squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of your operation. Here are seven strategies to help your operation. Read More

Comparing Order Picking Technologies

Warehouses and distribution centers face ever-increasing pressure to perform on ever-thinner margins.  Your picking system can have a significant impact on your operation’s accuracy, productivity and efficiency, so choosing the right picking technology is key to your success. Read More

Pay-For-Performance Plans for Warehouse Workers

Incentive programs, also known as pay-for-performance plans, have become increasingly common in warehousing and industrial settings. Read More

Best Practices for Food Safety Compliance

Learn how the newly enacted Federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) effects your distribution process and the role technology plays in improving processes for FSMA Compliance. Read More

FSMA Food Safety Modernization Act – Frequently Asked Questions

This White Paper has been developed to help companies prepare for the new FSMA requirements surrounding the handling of Human Food. Frequently asked questions are answered. Questions that companies should be asking as they consider the steps they need to take to become FSMA complaint are also included. Read More