Hardec’s Successful Switch from Hand-held to Hands-free Picking

By incorporating PickRight, Hardec's is set to revolutionize its order picking process and enhance overall efficiency. Read the full case study to learn how Hardec's embraced hands-free picking technology to elevate its operations to new heights. Read More

Southco Distributing Delivers Perfect Orders with ProCat

Southco Distributing used a paper manifest as the core of its delivery process for many years. However, accuracy and productivity issues were becoming daily occurrences. After installing ShipRight, Southco Distributing was able to ensure accurate deliveries time after time. The technology speeds up the process, improving efficiencies. Continue reading the case study to learn how it is done with ShipRight. Read More

ProCat’s PickRight, ShipRight, and PalletRight Programs Increase Efficiencies at Soto Food Service

Soto Food Service’s manual picking method was holding it back. Picking with paper was causing too many errors, taking too long, and creating too many customer claims. Soto Food Service also wanted to speed up delivery times, while implementing an easier training method for new drivers. The company found what it was looking for after learning about ProCat's modular suite of solutions. Read More

PickRight and NECS entrée Case Study with Wilkens Foodservice

Wilkens Foodservice a family-owned and operated company. The distribution business was bogged down with inefficiencies from its paper pick system and decided to make the upgrade to PickRight by ProCat. Read More

NECS and ProCat Improve Order Accuracy at S&L Food Sales

Chico, CA-based S&L Food Sales needed to update its paper-based picking process. Struggling from costly mis-picks, long picking shifts, and low employee moral, S&L turned to PickRight. After a seamless integration with its existing NECS software, S&L improved its bottom line and company culture with PickRight. Read More

Henry’s Foods Replaces Voice Pick with Scan Pick

Henry's Foods utilized a Voice Pick system for decades until it no longer met their needs. Learn about how and why they chose PickRight when they were ready to change picking systems. Read More

Ashland Specialty Company Gets Peace of Mind with PickRight

Improved accuracy means peace of mind for Lisa and Ashland Specialty’s customers. Less mis-picks means less customer complaints and more positive relationships all around. Read More

Best Mexican Foods Improves Order Picking Accuracy to Nearly 100%

Best Mexican Foods, a food distribution company serving New York and the surrounding area, was in need of an order picking solution for their distribution center that would improve order accuracy. Read More

Mississippi Company Leaves Warehouse Errors Behind Thanks to PickRight

Customers have reported that drivers are in-and-out of their stores faster than ever before. With PickRight, orders are picked correctly so there are no issues to slow down deliveries. Read More

Mississippi Distributor turns to Technology to Improve Picking Operations

At AAA Wholesale as a result of implementing PickRight, productivity is up, quality is up and new hire training is down. Read More