Infographic: Pros and Cons of Order Picking Technologies

For many managers, improving warehouse picking efficiency is a top priority, and choosing the right warehouse order picking solution can have a significant impact on accuracy, productivity, and efficiency. Choosing the right pick technology for your workforce can also help overcome operational and labor issues. The right match between picker and technology can help decrease employee learning curves, increase employee satisfaction, and reduce turnover. Read More

PowerTools Adds Functionality to Your PickRight System

ProCat continues to provide customers with new solutions to improve warehouse operations and lower costs. The new PowerTools solution enhances PickRight with new features including Picker Assignments, Truck Picking Sequence, Continuous Pick, Inventory allocation, Remote Approvals, and more. Visit the PowerTools page for the full list of solutions. Read More

Why GS1 Barcode Labels and Traceability Go Hand-in-Hand

The food industry is constantly in search of a better way to both track and trace their assets. Discovering a seamless data collection tool shouldn’t be a puzzle. GS1 Barcode Labels are a perfect tool for improving food tracking. Read More

How to Prepare for New FSMA Requirements

While new requirements may seem overbearing at first, they are ultimately designed to protect what we care about most: our customers. Businesses can automate product tracking to speed up fulfillment, adhere to compliance codes, and safeguard consumer loyalty. Learn more. Read More

Why Proper Truck Loading Improves Customer Loyalty

An expectation for fast, accurate shipments has become the norm, posing a challenge for modern-day distributors. Learn additional ways you can optimize your shipment dock when you schedule a preliminary walkthrough of your operations with Procat. Read More

What Do You Need to Start Modernizing Your Growing Warehouse?

Every day more distribution centers are rethinking the traditional approach of key warehouse processes. Modernizing one’s business can be tricky, which raises the question: what are the most important things to consider when looking to improve one’s warehouse? Read More

What’s the Holdup with Modernization?

The time for modernization across the board is now. Handling order picking, maintaining inventory counts, and identifying any discrepancies during transportation are but just a handful of responsibilities these companies have to deal with. Finding a way to increase productivity and efficiency has become a bigger priority than ever before. Read More

How Temperature Sensors are Keeping Food Fresher Than Ever

One of the biggest challenges of transporting food is how sensitive it can be to the environment that it’s being transported within. It’s important to consider these variables when accessing one’s cold chain. Read More

Order Picking Methods Impact Warehouse Productivity

The team at ProCat Distribution Technologies are experts in order picking. They have over 150 years of experience working with distribution centers to maximize performance. In 2008, ProCat created and introduced the PickRight solution, which improves order picking accuracy and productivity and allows distribution centers to implement paperless picking. PickRight [..] Read More

What to Look for in a Warehouse Order Picking Solution?

Customers have high expectations when it comes to receiving goods from businesses. They often seek out quick turnaround, low prices and superior customer service. In many ways, achieving these customer demands is obtainable with a streamlined picking technology. When warehouse management becomes overwhelming, a warehouse order picking software solution can help a business get back on track and stay competitive with[..] Read More